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Learning is exciting! We are, every day, learning about what we like and do not, who our friends are and who maybe who are not, and everything in between. These days, I am fascinated by habit, how we form behaviors, and the processes that need to occur when we decide to change. 


I have a habit of allowing all of my thoughts to swirl around my head and heart at the same time. At times, it feels beneficial. There is some comfort in sitting there watching them, sort of like counting sheep before bed. Other times, it looks like a mess— thoughts everywhere!


So recently, I asked a friend for advice. He suggested that at the top of every week, I write down every thought and create a list. I agreed, and created a note called The Master List. 


The title is symbolic to me because the list will be a place to write down everything I want to master, and it represents the mastery required to place all my thoughts in one cohesive place— something that does not come easily to me. 


If only you could see my face when I opened the blank page to begin the note. I wanted to call my friend back because I had questions. How much do I write? How detailed? All of my thoughts?? 


I stared at the paper, and in the confusion, realized I needed to find order. The chaos showed me that I had adopted beliefs about my own mind that were not kind or helpful. I had some unlearning to do.


The steps ended up looking something like this:

  1. Acknowledge that in order for the task to be completed, a current belief needs to change

  2. Identify the current belief that needs to be unlearned to complete the task at hand

  3. Choose an alternate belief to learn that will help complete the task at hand


It did not start this way! 


Remember: unlearning is a process, but we do it because something we currently believe needs to be discarded to make way for the thought we want to eventually believe. Here are some examples of what changing my mind (learning by unlearning) looks like. 






Happy unlearning,







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