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-Bridge returns for Season 4 on September 6th (click here for more info)  

-NEN Federation weekend starts on September 13th 

-”Tired” - Temple Salem SDA Youth Week of Prayer Aug 19-23

-The women's ministries at Boston Spanish SDA continues Our celebration of the international month against abuse towards women! You, Woman, are invited to join us for an elegant garden party.  There will be food, fun, prayer, truth and fellowship. 

Sunday, August 25th @ 2 pm.


Dear Reader, 


Our Team member Elizabeth sheds some light about what it means to have a swimmer’s identity. 


We have probably all experienced a sink or swim situation, but it might be hard to be patient through it, or even to know what to do. 




To Swim or Not To Swim?


I've been having a tough time learning to swim. Every vacation, trip, and in every hotel pool, I spend time trying to understand why the water just won't do its job or why my brain doesn't understand floating.  It goes on and on. Some days I accept myself as “just not a swimmer”, but that always feels like a false identity. Maybe some of the self-talk is valid? I'm frustrated that I just can't let go, I'm sad because I'm sure swimming is beautiful but I just haven't yet experienced it- but is this what faith looks like? An outsider looking in? Even my feet, it seems, cannot get over the fact that they’re not allowed to remain on the floor! Suddenly I ’m thinking about how God sometimes wants to bring us into a new place, into a new identity, but even our thoughts can be like weights pulling us back to what we've accepted as reality: and that, in my case, says I can't swim.

It's difficult, sometimes, to know the source of these self-defeating thoughts, so I thought some facts (outside of how I feel about myself) might help. 


All of the articles I read about the physics of swimming say that “in order to float in water an object must be less dense than the water”.  It’s also the consensus that humans are less dense than water, but I’m also sure you’ve seen someone else swimming.


Okay, Fact #1: I can float. 


Then, Archimedes' principle says that, “a buoyancy force lifts any object (regardless of its shape) that is suspended in a fluid (such as water), and the object is acted upon by an upward buoyant force equal to the weight of the fluid that is displaced by the object”. When I move water because of my weight, there is a force that acts depending on how much fluid I move.

Fact #2?


Written into my identity, regardless of my weight (and even because of it)- I am met with an equal buoyant force, pushing me upward, even as my weight sinks me. ⇧⇩

So what then? Is the situation hopeless? Let’s redefine the question we started with: Is the title of this story really “To Swim or Not to Swim?” or is this about faith? When you feel like there are forces against you winning (ahem: swimming), remember that you were made to float. Remember these STEPS toward faith, toward who you are (swimmer, dancer, pastor!), and that you don't have to fight the calling: God is sending an opposite force to fight for you!

S SPIRIT Ask for the guidance of the Holy Spirit. If you are feeling uneasy about a path, it may be because you need more information. The Holy Spirit is a great teacher.


T TIME Change takes time! Be patient with yourself and your process, and even with the Lord, as He works through you. 


E EXERCISE We are exercising to be spiritually, physically, and mentally fit, so that when excuses, fears, and doubt arrive, we are strong enough to cast the runaway thoughts down and swim away!


P PRACTICE Keep yourself flexible by spending time practicing what it is God has for you to do. For example, do you study accounting to help people budget better? Start taking clients you know, just to practice! As you are faithful over the small things, God will increase your territory.


S SILENCE It’s okay to spend time alone, as long as you aren't isolating from doubt or fear. It’s also okay to spend time in silence, just listening, and even to move in silence if people don’t understand. We trust that through Christ your moves will be making waves soon enough. 


Tunes to Consider 


Today, we 're listening to Love Lifted Me!


“I was sinking deep in sin,

  Far from the peaceful shore,

Very deeply stained within,

  Sinking to rise no more;

But the Master of the sea

  Heard my despairing cry,

From the waters lifted me,

  Now safe am I.



Love lifted me!

Love lifted me!

When nothing else could help,

  Love lifted me.”


Happy swimming <3